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My name is Natasha Chance, otherwise known as Tash. I am a 22 year old girl from Johannesburg who is now living in Cape Town.

I’ve never really been interested in blogging but recently I thought I should give it a try as a way to put down my thoughts and send them off to the big wide world. I am now twenty-two years old and have been studying at a tertiary level for the past four years. I began my journey out of the comfort of home in Johannesburg to go to the naughty, fun-filled town of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. I can honestly say that the three years at Stellenbosch were three of my best years yet. I made friends that i will treasure forever and memories i will never forget. I am  currently a student at the University of Cape Town in my final year studying the Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Marketing.

When explaining my personality I have no idea where to start. Just like everyone else, I have so many different dimensions to my personality that are sometimes quite conflicting. On the one side I am a true girly girl who loves fashion, accessories and makeup; but on the other side, i am a bit of a tomboy as I love to play all sorts of different sports and enjoy being outdoors. I guess these different dimensions of my personality have allowed me to take advantage of all the opportunities for fun and excitement.

I am a person that loves to be having fun with my friends and family, and just enjoying what life has to offer. Therefore, in order to keep with the light hearted space I’m currently at in my life, this blog’s purpose is to provide a form for me to express my different interests and share these interests with anyone who wants to read it. I have chosen to call this blog “Blissful Crossroads” because i believe that the choices made in life are so important and one must always look at things in a positive way as all the choices one makes in life only shape you as a person and add a new dimension to your character. This journey that we call life is full of these crossroads and we should therefore embrace who we are and the things we are interested in. Therefore, this blog will focus on four main areas namely fashion and makeup, health and fitness, home decor and food. These are just some of the areas that I love to discuss with my friends and family so this blog will allow others to join the conversation.These are some of the areas that i enjoy and i hope others will feel free to comment on those areas that they feel passionate about.

I hope that this blog provides readers with some entertainment and allows you to gain another opinion on things that you enjoy.

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