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Not Every House Is A Home: All It Takes Is A Little TLC

As in the world of fashion, trends of architecture and home decor come and go. In this manner, the old traditional houses that hold historic significance have now been renovated and modernized with white, open planned settings and high ceilings. Furthermore, as one’s home is a direct reflection of the family’s personality, it is important that the house is comfortable and well suited to a particular family or individual.

Although modern decor has emphasized clean lines, silver finishes and a polished white look, this is definitely not for everyone. I am however more of a traditionalist when it comes to decor and the home environment. Over the years I have learned to appreciate the tranquil feeling that white washed wooden floors and high ceilings many give a house, but i believe that these elements should be used in conjunction with warm, vibrant colours and patterns on different fabrics in order to make a house feel more comfortable and lived in. In this manner, the incorporation of different pieces of wood will give a house a cosy and natural feeling.

One element that I believe is essential to any house is that of flowers and pot plants as they bring a sense of nature into the house, by bringing to life the household environment. The incorporation of flora into the house makes all rooms aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to any guests.

As a home is never fully complete, but is rather a continuous work in progress; it is important to incorporate small personal touches that may be important to the family. One such addition could take the form of a wall of pictures that feature family members and serve as framed memories upon which the family and visitors can cast an eye.

Regardless of ones taste for architecture and home decor, it is fundamentally important that every family makes their home a unique representation of themselves, rather than focusing on the new trends of the time.

2 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart Is

  1. This is so touching, I cant wait to start my own home one day and fill it with all things wonderful 🙂 this makes me miss home too 😦 on the upside knowing that I have a second home in JHB also excites me! HELLO MANTH GOOD-BYE MICHAEL 🙂

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