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Life Is Fun When You Are Moving

As I’ve explaining the importance of the different dimensions to a person’s personality and lifestyle, health and fitness make up such a large proportion of my character. Over the years, doctors and other medical practitioners have stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits that exercise has on both the mind and body. In recent years this advice has been taken on by so many people around the world who now engage in different sports, eat a balanced diet and set aside time to be outside.

In contrast with my girly side, I am at heart a complete tomboy who enjoys to be rushing around and having fun outdoors. I believe it is so important be get some fresh air and set aside time to be on your own whether it be running on the promenade or walking a dog. I’m sure may can agree with me when I say that my days of playing team sports at school was one of the best ways to feel happy and get energized. A little bit of competition goes a long way in achieving your goals whether it be a physical accomplishment or an emotional standing.

In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to keep moving and be active on a daily basis. This lifestyle is one in which people are able to spend time with friends and family doing things that make them feel fit and thus healthy. This desire of a healthy lifestyle has been highlighted by the exponential growth in gymnasiums such as Virgin Active which have been sprawled across the globe. Let’s be serious, we all know that being fit and healthy has so many benefits that go way beyond being able to run up a hill without passing out. A healthy lifestyle means you not only life longer, but you look good and have more energy to tackle your day.

What are your tips to a healthy life?

I found this video that demonstrates a few exercises to improve your abs. Give it a try!

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