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Beauty May Be In The Eye Of The Beholder, But Fashion Is An Art

Throughout history, women have searched for techniques and tools to make them appear more beautiful and be seen as icon. Although styles and traditions may change over the years, one thing is for sure; fashion and style are aisles upon which women today can paint the picture of their lives and who they wish to be perceived as. The progression of fashion from the voluptuous women of the Victorian Era dressed in detailed gowns and corsets, to the stick-insect runway models in short dresses; fashion has served as an outlet for women to express their sexuality. Just like most girls, I too have this flair for fashion and enjoy the idea of being part of a progression of trends and expression. Let’s just say, the one dimension of who I am is fundamentally based on a love for brightly coloured, often floral fashion choices which represent the girly girl side of myself.

Although I have been exposed to different types of fashion in stores, magazines, and all over the media; one thing still for sure, there are so many different fashion trends to choose from to make them your own. One fashion trend that has stuck with me throughout the years has been that of the bright, summery colours such as pink, turquoise, purple, yellow and green  that are all common features of my cupboard. If fashion has taught me one thing, everyone looks better when they are in a colour that is able to enhance their features and draw attention to them when they walk in a room. Who can deny that a little attention is never a bad thing? Although I am a sucker for some colour, one of the fashion trends that has stood the test of time and is undeniable is the essential requirement of the LBD (Little Black Dress). When having an outfit crisis, the answer is always that little black dress that is hidden in your cupboard that is flattering, simple and will not be scrutinized for being a repeat choice.

Lastly, when talking about style and fashion, it is only natural to discuss the art and flair of makeup. I for one am extremely proud of whoever came up with the idea for women to paint their faces in a way that covers up any blemishes and is able to enhance ones bone structure and natural beauty. Makeup is definitely one of my passions as i am constantly trying new techniques and colours, whether it be the simple use of mascara to brighten up your eyes, the infamous cat eye or a dark smokey eye; they are all available in the tool kit to be used when any occasion  arises.

One of my favourite quotes about fashion is from none other than Miss Coco Chanel herself,

“A girl should be too things: classy and fabulous”.

Feel free to post comments about your style essentials.


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